NSW Reconstruction Authority

The NSW Reconstruction Authority is dedicated to disaster prevention, preparedness, recovery, and reconstruction.

The government has established the Authority as part of its response to the 2022 floods and in line with recommendations from the independent 2022 NSW Flood Inquiry, which was led by Professor Mary O’Kane and Mick Fuller.

It is a statutory corporation reporting to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, the Hon Paul Scully MP, and the Minister for Emergency Services, the Hon Jihad Dib MP.

The Authority was established in December 2022 to better prepare communities for disasters, such as the devastating floods that NSW experienced in 2022. These events, which occurred across much of NSW, have severely tested the state’s ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters.

The establishment of the NSW Reconstruction Authority means NSW communities will be best placed to face natural disasters and recover faster.


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